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James Dyson, the creator of Dyson Company, introduced innovative vacuum cleaner which eliminated the need for both bag and filter. However, as big vacuum cleaner manufactures refused to license for his technology, Dyson decided to develop his own manufacturing company. Luckily Dyson was able to sign a deal with Japanese company, which funded him in research and development.

Dyson was able to continue developing his innovation of new models and ideas in this matured vacuum cleaner industry and got steady increase of market share worldwide. Although the first washing machine model was not a great success, Dyson continues to invest greatly in research in development to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Problem and opportunity Vacuum cleaner market is already matured and the demand is derived mainly from replacement purchases at the end of the product cycle of 8 years. In unsaturated markets, demands for vacuum cleaners are very low due to national preferences for floor tiles rather than carpets. Company " Zoots " before they move further has to answer to the question "What corporate strategy should be the right one for the company's future in the dry cleaning business?

Company should be able to benefit from greater profits or in the event of a price war, stay in the market, profitably, with reduced prices. Zoots intends to offer a better or different product or service or perceived as different from others, with differentiated quality as the target. Differentiation can earn above average profits even in a slow growth or declining market.

I t consists of a step-by-step job A verb noun language, o r function language, i s developed t o precisely describe what the product does; cost, energy and user a t t i t u d e s are allocated t o these functions; a function comparison i s made; c r e a t i v i t y by function can be carried out; and f i n a l l y a Value Standard design i s developed. Functions consist of three types. The f i r s t focuses on the one overall The This function i s called the T S of the product. AK Finally, functions must be added t o make the product convenient t o use, dependable, satisfying and a t t r a c tive.

Lunctional Analysis Systems Technique F. Creativity and good work ethics are keys in finding new ideas. As well as knowing which ideas are worth pursuing and which just are not. Today, companies function in a constant change industry, where technology is changing more quickly than ever before. Products with time get old and many obsolete, therefore, innovation is extremely important for any manufacturing company.

Twist, as a vacuum cleaner manufacturer, keeping it functional and groundbreaking is what keeps us up float. Our employees have a clear understanding of their roles and duties towards our organization. Motivating our employees into the entire process of setting objectives helps to increase job satisfaction, as well as employee empowerment. Excellent linaniini;. Call Timberlinc X K IC Huge Surplus ot las.

SI i,K4s l-ive hiiichirtes www. S Buijdiiigs. Lirst Served Wc P. Lord Dunmore was characteris- iicolly candid and tactless. The painful memory of his defeat at Great Bridge was clearly still on 'tis mind. What Lord Dunmore lacked in diplomatic finesse, he It templed to compensate for with ourage and energy — two traits III which he certainly was not lacking. How did yot4 feel about bringing ; our family to Virginia?

I was very anxious to bring my laniily here from New York. They came to join me there when I was originally posted as governor of New York. I actually awaited my wife and my children's arrival with some anticipation. What about the gunpowder inci- dent in Williamsburg? The pow- der was removed in the middle of the night, and that had a negative reaction from the population.

Can you comment on that? First ot'all, Jet me say as gover- nor of Virginia — as lieutenant of the colony. That is my legal right.

If I wish to dump it in the river, I tnay do so. However, having received xders from Wh'ehalllo secureany pow- der and arms in public stores, it was then my duty to d"6 so. And 1 felt that it would be best to have the powder and arms removed from the magazine after dark with as little fanfare as possible to avoid confrontation with any of the colonists who would misinterpret this perhaps or would in any other way cause violence to occur.

It has happened in other colonies over matters which are much more trivial than this. Would it be correct to say that you were just following orders? It's part of my posi- tion to follow orders from London. About Mr. Patrick Henry — you are familiar with Mr. Yes, I know about Henry. Did you refer to him as "delud- ed"? Did you make reference to Patrick Henry and "his deluded followers" in a proclamatidn? I know not what goes on in Mr. Henry's brain. He has been disaf- fected for many years against the Crown. Lord Dunmore, as portrayed by Dave PodoMno, was the wrong man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The man has no sense of deco- rum. He has no sense of his duty as a British subject. He does noth- ing but constantly complain. Well, then why don't you give him his wish, sir? Give him his wish? He has been asking for ei- ther "liberty or death"? Hasn't he? Sir, this is not a Spanish or a French colony where one can arrest someone for simply speaking against the government. We're all Englishmen here. As much as I may dislike Mr. Henry and the things that he has to say , I am not able under our legal system — the most enlightened in the world I might add — to simply arrest him for being critical of the government.

That is his right as an Englishmen.

The fact that he has deluded others is most unfortunate. They are greatly deluded, but there is nothing that I can do about what he says. Saint Paul's Church in Norfolk was one of the few structures to survive the bombardment of Lord Dunmore's fleet on Jan. He has also assembled troops — militia. Ah, this is different. When Mr. Henry and his men came down from Hanover and threatened vio- lence against me and against mem- bers of the Governor's Council un- less the gunpowder were paid for — now that, sir, is a different mat- ter.

He wished to either have it re- turned or paid for by the govern- ment. He is now attempting, with the threat of violence, to extort money from the British Crown. That, sir, is treason! You did pay for the gunpowder, didn't you? I decided that it would be best to pay. That violence might be avert- ed in that way, and that I wished to cause no more trouble than had al- ready occurred. I also chose to give them less ammunition to use against us.

Are you afraid of Mr. I'm not sure how to answer that question. I am not afraid of him, u ''is certainly t-uc that he drawn many into these treasonable activities. They would do well to think again. All of us live under the umbrella of the British Empire, the most enlightened in the world.

Were he to go to a French or Span- ish colony, he would find himself to be in a much different position than here. He would have been jailed long ago for saying some of the things he has said in public. Yet you're the one that's on a ship in the middle of the Elizabeth River What ship are we on? It is true. HMS William. Yes, it is true, but when British troops ar- rive and we can subdue this vio- lence, then we may restore law and order once again. You've had some success at a place called Kemp's Landing.

Oh yes, the militia just ran like rabbits.


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They had no discipline. How many men were you up against? It is hard to say. As you know, these colonists come and. It could be 30 men one day and 50 the next. Ydu just never quite know. If they were to face trained British soldiers, the issue would not be in doubt. They run off. They didn't run off at Great Bridge. This is an open rebellion, isn't it? I fearit is. A very un- happy state of affairs. Tiiis insur- rection made it necessary to post a proclamation to that effect. To make it clear to anyone that their duty is to support their govern- ment.

That seems reasonable. Yes, we represent law and order. Your proclamatidn awarding freedom to slaves.. Yes, promising freedom to inden- tured servants and slaves being held by rebels. Well, in my mind, it matters very little. The words exhibited on these contemporary street signs near Princess Anne Road echo the sentiments of 18th- century Virginia Patriots. When the real trouble started between the Virginians and the Crown, Dunmore was very sensitive about his position as governor. What about the effect of that kind of proclamation?

Was it a proclamation? Yes, you'll find it posted in most" taverns, I do hope. What do you anticipate is going to be happening here? Of course, we've suffered a mo- mentary reverse here in Norfolk, but an army will be coming here to America to put this rebellion down. I do believe that when these colonists here see the might on Great Britain ranged against them, they will realize that they are not Yighting just a few isolated troops. One good defeat will be enough to show them the error of their ways.

They will come limping back to the colours — begging to be taken back. We will be generous. You haven't hanged any rebels yet, have you? Have you thought about it? Well, there are "certainly a few that I would love to hang. Henry for one, and that Woodford fellow. William Woodford. Colonel Woodford? Yes, he calls himself Colonel Woodford.

Of course, he has no standing under the Crown. And then, of course, there's Jefferson. Then there are those feDows Pendleton and Page. All of those fellows should be standing trial in England. If I had my way, they would be chains in the hold of a ship headed for England for trial and for trea- son. And Washington would be on the top of the pile. He has decided to cast his lot with rebels and treasonous dogs. Didn't Washington give you some advice on how to run your plantation more profitably?

Oh yes! We have done business together. But my duty is clear. He is a rebel against the Crown.

U.S. Dry Cleaning Services Corp - FORM S-1/A - October 3, 2014

He's committing treason. It won 't take long to settle this — this rebellion. Will it? Oh no. This will be over in a year or so at the most. This con- gress can not stand long against England. When do you think the first of the troops will arrive here? Some of our troops have already arrived. The 14th Regiment of Foot has sent me some men.

Of course, I have lost some here at Great Bridge, but others will be ar- riving from England very soon. The regiments from Ireland ae ready to march now; all we have to do is put them into ships and send them. I dare say that all of us have our hands full. I am not looking for as- sistance from anywhere else right now. They all have their own trou- bles as well I understand.

If you've been in the Army, you know how these situations can develop. We must be as self-reliant as possible. Are you even considering leav- ing Virginia? No, this is my post, so I must do the best I can to subdue this re- bellion with the resources that I have available to me now. What would you like those rebels to know? They have more freedom under England than in any country you could possibly name. They are ingrates; they are ungrate- ful for all of the things that we've done for them — all of the protec- tion that we have given to them.

If they have complaints, they can state them fairly, and they will be heard in the proper forum. These rebellions will not be tolerated. This will not be done. Perhaps you should make an ex- ample of a few of the rebels. That is precisely my idea. In the Army, when you have rebellious regiment, you select a few and exe- cute them. The others, then, will see what will happen to mutineers. But you haven't tried that yet?

Have you? When I have the opportunity, I will do so. The ministry is a bit undecided at this point.

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They would like to try and reconcile with the colonists if they can to avoid bloodshed. Is that your preference too? It is always better to avoid blood- shed if one can, but in order to do it one must sometimes be willing to shed some blood. Shaking his hefid, the royal gov- ernor rose suddenly md dismissed this correspondent with a haughty wave of his right hand.

The con- versation was clearly was over. Lord Dunmore was not inclined to suffer fools lightly. Writer's note: Dave Pondolfino, who portrays Lord Dunmore at the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Great Bridge, provided re- sponses for the questions posed to the royal governor. Lord Dun- more. Pondolfino is also a histori- cal interpreter with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Call for all your advertising needs.

Beginning in Marth. Dates are March 9, 10, 15, 16, 20, 22, 29 and 30 from 10 a. Registration began Jan. Call Pat Craven or Lucille Groom, After the training is completed, caregivers will go into homes and are paid. Step team sliow For energy and style, nothing beats a step show. Bring the entire family on Friday, Feb. Call for more information. Workshops this semester include glass mosaics, painted floor cloths and glass jewelrymaking classes. Schedules are now available. To request a complete schedule of classes and workshops, call the CAC education department, ext.

The grand opening is Monday at p:m. Bird's art is on display throughout the United States and Europe, including one commissioned for the Minnesota State Capitol Building and in the Franklin Mint commissioned a porcelain statuette called the "Dreamcatcher. Slavery talk Share the stories, music and dance through which slaves in Colonial Virginia endured aid preserved their traditions.

Sylvia Tabb-Lee will entertain and inspire the whole family on Sunday, Feb. Call to register beginning Jan. More than purebred cats from around the country sk expected to compete. The public is welcome. For more details contact Lucy Sherrill, New VBTV To respond to the critical need to raise students' achievement levels, Virginia has initiated a sweeping reform of its kindergarten through 12th grade education system. Who will be affected? How can parents and the community get involved?

The regular weekly program schedule: Monday, 7 a. Doll conservator The Jan. Mathias, a former regent of tte chapter, will present a slide show of the toys in the New Hampshire attic at the DAR Museum. The policy report emphasizes invest- ment partnerships for economic develop- ment.

Presented by Finance Director Pa- tricia Phillips and Planning Director Robert Scott at a council workshop Tuesday, the report underscores the need for partnerships to bring higher paying jobs to the area and to give the city the opportunity to have some control over what is developed in the city. The report comes at a time when the city is experiencing a downturn in its per capita income as well as a decrease in its ratio of commercial development against residential development. Where in the city's per capita in- come was Council has tried over the years to reach a goal of 30 percent non-residential assessments, compared to 70 percent resi- dential.

But since , when the ratio was over 20 percent for non-rcsidential, the non-residential assessment has gone down to just over 18 percent in and a little over Councilwoman Reba McClanan said the problem is selling the idea of partner- ships to the public. The public fleeds some reassurance, she said, because the people have seen so many things happen in the last few years. She suggested that the staff supply more examples of of what the guidelines mean.

As long as we're up front, it makes it more accept- able to the public. She referred to a statement that came out of the Hampton Road Partner- ship — that the first ring of suburban cities is dechning faster than the inner city. She said that a couple of census tracks have shown a decline and the people who are moving out have a higher income than those remaining. Henley wanted to know if the city was doing any tracking to see if the pattern is spreading. It was on Twelfth Night, the last day oir Christmas, that all of the lavish parties, weddings and balls were held.

It was a time when the colonials brought out the finest of everything that they had. Traditionally, the Francis Land House staff and volunteers have al- ways brought out the best that they've had too — the best colonial ambiance south of Colonial Williamsburg. Over the years. Twelfth Night cele- brations have become most agreeable annual affairs at' the Francis Land House. The program at Seatack Elementary gets under way in July. She has been chief administrator at the school for the past seven years. There have been many posi- tive statements and actions up to now," she said.

Instruction comes in day blocks of learning, with vacations and intersessions of five to 1 5 days distributed throughout the year. Parker said that during the month period, the same curriculum is followed, but the change comes in how the stu- dents learn, not what they learn. City Manager James K. Spmle said ttiat ths citizens will be divided into 1 1 study gnxips to acUress issues such as whtf ser- vices slK uld be enhanced, what projects initialed or completed and defining gcuis for the city. Council members Will participate in the groups and staff will be available to organize the session.

Lyie Sumek of Lyle Sumek Associates will moderate the session. She said she did not want the session to be orclKstrated. Eure wanted to know how far the coun- cil had to go in answering such question- naires. City Attorney Leslie Lilley said that the city's legal obligation is that if you have the materials, they must be ivovid- ed, but that the city is not required to cre- ate the material.

Also included are open messages to the mayor and City Council. Take the town center — what are the major issues, the problems and concatis and the need for them to be addresed? Americans will pay homage to one of the greatest men of the 20th century — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. At the same time, Virginians will continue a long tradition of honoring two'of its favorite sons — Generals Robert E.

LecT and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. At first glance, some may note a possible Ironic contradiction in honoring the leader of the Civil Rights Movement in this country with two military leaders of the Confederacy during the War Between the States. But rather than look at the men for honors, the homage is being paid to their ideals. One can easily place King in the same cate- gory with Mahatma Ghandi.

Both men suf- fered mental and physical pain for their be- liefs and refusing to be swayed by threats on them, their families and associates. They ignored the slings arrows of bigots and government officials to create a better life for their fellow man. They both suffered for their beliefs and paid the ultimate price — their lives. Both prevailed. Lee and Jackson embodied the spirit of the Southern gentleman and carried that attitude with them during war. Lee felt compelled to follow the dictates of his conscience and do his best for his home. Jackson was a devout Presbyterian who often delayed action until he had completed hours of prayer.

Their beliefs were no less than King's.

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That is why Virginia has chosen to honor them on the third Monday of January. Virginia's place in history has long been es- tablished, and the trio of Lee. Jackson and King are a noted part of history. Arid the question is Most of us spend a good portion of our life at work and, if we aie miserable on the job, we will al- most certainly be miserable off the job. Some of us are more fortunate than others in the sense that we have more meaningful and reward- ing work than some.

If we are unhappy with our job, and it is possible to get a more re- warding job, we should probably do so. Young people can afford to take some risk in changing jobs when they still have most of their work- ing life ahead of them, and most people can find work that they like unless they hate all kinds of work. But many of us have reached a point in life where switching jobs is not a realistic option. We have built up years of seniority aid fringe benefits which we cannot af- ford to give up, and we have be- come too old to compete success- fully in the job market.

For those of us in this category, the only solutionis to work at im- proving our attitude towards our work. If we can't change jobs, our only options are to change our atti- tude or continue to be miserable at work. A woman who hated her job so much that she told her employer she would be quitting in six weeks went to work the next day after giving her notice in high spirits. During the next six weeks, this woman found that she didn't mind her job now that she knew she would soon be quitting.

Going to work and visiting with her co workers became almost appealing. In fact, the woman's attitude changed so much from the day she gave her notice until the day she was scheduled to quit that, when the day for departure arrived, she was so uncertain about her think- ing that she decided to delay ha planned departure temporarily. This woman continued to work at that job for several more years.

She had discovered that it was her attitude toward the job, rather than the job itself, that had been making her so miserable. Perhaps many of us would discover that our jobs are not so bad after all if we would do a little work on our attitudes. Editor's note: Allen W. Smith is a syndicated columnist from Ten- nessee. Box 1 How do feel about gays serving in the military? How much of your income did you and your wife contribute to charity last year? What visceral feel- ings do you experience when you see the Confed- erate flag fly- ing over the South Caro- lina capitol?

Since you profess that only a bom-again Chris- tian can be saved, do you believe that all non-lThristian American are eter- nally damned? These are just a smattering of the personal questions asked of the Re- publican presidential contenders in the series of primary debates held last week. Not that each question doesn' t offer a window into the inner man behind the candidate. My objection is that such personal, touchy-feeling questions completely dominated the dialogue of the debates.

The tenor was so Oprah-like that I had to pinch myself within 15 minutes of each debate as a remem- ber that I was viewing a presidential debate instead of a tell-all television show. And, it wasn't just the ques- tioners. The candidates themselves took every opportunity to focus on their personal lives and religious be- liefs every chance they had. Since we are consuming so much air time on these matters, I have a suggestion that will cut to the chase and get these personal questions over with once and for all. When I was a teenager there was a very popular teen magazine called 'True Confes- sions.

Then we could endure a couple of months of scandal-mongering in which our modem media excels and get it all over with at one time. Hiat way, we could finally get down to the business of the candidates' positions on issues and what kind of presi- dency each would offer the Ameri- can people. Of course, I am being facetious. But, you must admit, it is intriguing that the obsession with the personal questions and religious beliefs only seems to dominate the Republican pri mary debates.

The debates between Al Gore and Bill Bradley are almost " Once the Republican Party decided to adopt a holier-than-tliou attitude, denying its political opponents event the slightest right to a zone of privacy, it is no wonder that the press is chaffing at the bit to expose even the slightest hint of hypocrisy. Per- haps we are witnessing an age-old example of reaping what you have sown.

Once the Republican Party decided to adopt a holier-than-thou attitude, denying its political opponents event the slightest right to a zone of pri- vacy, it is no wonder that the press is chaffing at the bit to expose even the slightest hint of hypocrisy. Personally, I agree with Bill Brad- ley on this subject. My religious be- liefs are nobody's business but my own. If I chose to share them, so be it — but, short of that, the subject is totally off-limits to public inquiry.

Sadly, except for John McCain, all of the other presidential contenders, including Al Gore on the Democratic side, have chosen to use their reli- gious faith as a reason why we should elect them as our president. So, even a consummate media critic like my- self can hardly blame the press for zeroing in on their religious beliefs as part of this political race.

Leading the pact of late in touting his Christian faith as his most impor- tant qualification for the presidency is surprisingly not Gary Bauer or even Alan Keyes". This is especially surprising since the Bush family, famous as it is for its long-standing role as leaders in the Republication Party, could hardly be described as card-carrying members of the Christian Coalition. At least, not until George W. But these days, its Jesus who gets more more air time than any other subject when the Republican con- tenders debate, and it is George W.

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But, there is an even more perplex- ing aspect to the claim that Ameri- cans should entrust the highest office in our nation based upon the staunch- ness of a candidate's Christian faith. Does that mean that, if elected, they intend to govem in accordance with the teachings of Jesus? If so, we could expect America to make a decided switch to a pacifist foreign policy, one which requires us to always turns the other cheek no matter how griev- ous the injury of our enemy. Such a presidency should also fos- ter public policies designed to dis- courage the amassment of individual wealth, since "it is harder for a rich man to go to heaven than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle.

Such admi- rable largess would certainly require correction more tax revenues, which Americans should gladly pay or as George W. In fact, such laud- able and, admittedly, Utopian poli- cies far more reflect the agenda of the radical left than they do the conserva- tive right. So, it's time to stop the hypocrisy. These Republican con- tenders are not going to be any more "Christian" in their presidency than any of those that have served in that office since My advice to all candidates that so shamelessly hide behind the cloak of their religion is to instead follow the examples set by either Bradley or McCain.

Nohe'other than th? Teacher of Righteousness warned mankind of the danger of confusing tlieir indi- vidual spiritual path with the obliga- tions of the state nearly two thousand years before our founders began to set down the principles upon which this great government of free men of conscious would be formed.

By now most folks have already made and broken their resolutions. Somehow I managed to avoid that trap this year — and now I'm feeling guilty for it. Normal resolutions include the typical lose weight and eat right, not to mention the dreaded exercise. They're al- most ex- pected to be on most people' s lists. Heck, even the catalogs take up spsKc! That'5 the easiest way to accomfriish my goal and save money at the same time. But a child doesn't know thu.

All they know is unconditional love and ado- ration for their parents. They want the best gift you can give them: time. So each night after work, even when a dirty house is awaiting, Evan and I will try to spend 30 minutes to an hour in simple play with Mitchell. Dinner can wait; housecleaning can wait. Telephone calls which need to be returned can wait. In playing with Mitchell we ciA rediscover one of the simpler joys in life — family time.

Zoots Cleaners - Virginia Beach, VA

Of course, now that I've got the house freed of clutter and an ener- getic toddler tearing up the place, I resolve in to keep our home as tidy as possible. I admit that I' m not the best house- keeper in the world. In fact, I'm far, far from it. To me cleaning is one of those annoying necessities that can be put off until the last minute. Then I tend to spend a whole day in a whirl getting the house sparkling. However, if I kepi up with my chores all along, the house would never get to stage where it moans, "Clean me!

The same goes for Evan and his yard work. It is OK to impose a resolution on a spouse, isn't it? The same resolution can apply to my car, which often resembles a roll- ing catch-all on wheels. The vehicle is going to stay clean, too. I have another resolution which I know my car will appreciate. I will no longer let the gas gauge reach "E" before refilling. I've been lucky thus far — we haven't run out of juice before making it to the pump. My final resolution in 2 00 is to take it easy. That doesn't mean I'm going to become a slacker, but I am going to avoid taking situations and people so seriously.

How often do we get overwrought by things which we cannot control? How often do we let others get the best of us? How often do we blow our lids before thinking out a situation? I've gotten better in the last year or so, but I could use some more work. As for those resolutions to eat bet- ter and exercise, perhaps I could in- corporate those into daily life. Ses- sions, senior col- umnist, y V Reflections on race relations and good friends Debra Brown is an African- Ameri- can whose profession is that of do- mestic engineer.

She has worked for my family for more than 10 years. She worked for my mother until she passed away. Al- though she is not blood re- lated, we consider her a member of our family. AisleBuyer will let you do that, through your iPhone or Android. Providence Journal , Commerce Digest, September 4, , Veterans Graduate from Electronic Program by Journal Staff A new training program for disabled veterans, run by Veterans Assembled electronics VAe , graduated its first students in five disciplines of electronic-manufacturing services.

Supermarket News , August 9, , Private Eyes by Michael Garry New applications like StopLift are able to identify unlawful or inefficient behavior in the store by interpreting video images without human input. Growth capital will be raised this year. StopLift is being deployed primarily in high-volume retail environments with thin margins and supermarket-style checkout lanes. New York Times , December 30, page 1 , Shoplifters?

The Statistics Say Stores Should Watch Workers by Steven Greenhouse StopLift has developed software that, when used with overhead cameras, can detect when cashiers engage in sweethearting by not running merchandise over the scanner or by letting acquaintances take merchandise without paying. Maybe Soon by Susan Heavey Companies are opening on-site clinics with on-site doctors to promote wellness and cut health insurance costs. Boston Globe Boston. The organization is now focused on reaching people of all ages for its worldwide travel programs.

He even autographed the copy. It made two Birmingham deejays famous when they started a Ban the Beatles campaign. Someone just did at an auction by RRAuction. Neil Armstrong signed it hours before he took off for the moon 40 years ago. Picked up by Fox affiliates. CBS News. That check is being auctioned by RRAuction. Picked up by CNN. Reuters, July 10, , U.

Picked up by 29 business journals. Today , June 22, Pickup from Star Ledger. Boston Globe and Boston. With StopLift video. Passman Howard U. Passman , principal of Howard U. New York Times. With video. Providence Business News. Jennifer Collins reports. No need to watch banks of grainy videotape. Picked up by newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. Progressive Grocer. Cashiers can no longer get away with giving away merchandise by not scanning it. Now he is searching for a buyer to benefit from the technology he developed over 18 months.

The Riverview Road Neighborhood Association wants it sited on an adjacent industrial parcel and wants transparency on the 30 parcels that the Board of Selectmen rejected. Grocery Headquarters , March , Going, Going Gone by Carol Radice Retailers should be watching their employees more than their customers for shoplifting. StopLift Checkout Vision Systems now helps retailers identify unpaid merchandise left in both the middle and bottom of the shopping cart, besides detecting unscanned items on the conveyor belt.

Film News Briefs. Banker and Tradesman. HDS Architecture of Watertown designed the five-acre project. Cape Cod Times. He offers five steps on how to implement change in the workplace. StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has created video recognition software to detect it.

Instead, they ignore the danger signals rather than fix the roof when the sun is shining. Mass High Tech. Natural Products Marketplace. The Enterprise , August 14, , Commerce Center Seen as a Boon to Raynham Electrochem is holding a ribbon-cutting Friday to celebrate the opening of its new 82,square-foot plant. Taunton Daily Gazette , August 13, Specialty battery manufacturer Electrochem will unveil its new environmentally-friendly manufacturing facility on Route 44 Friday.

Hartford Courant , July 31, , Easy as Pie Mayan Farm tortillas make a great apple pie crust, with an easy apple pie recipe. Video and story also on: CNBC. Phuli Cohan www. Instead, she prescribes vitamins and natural hormones. Phuli Cohan says Boniva and other bone loss drugs actually cause bone death, and these side effects are just beginning to be seen. BrandEquity has been doing this successfully since Progressive Grocer , May 1, , Technology: Goodnight, Sweethearting by Joseph Tarnowski Supermarket operators rank employee theft as their most severe shrink problem.

Weber Robert P. East Coast Developments www. HDS Architecture will create a distinctive building that will embrace the community. Sydney Associates is the developer. StopLift Checkout Vision Systems has developed technology that identifies the gestures associated with sweethearting. HDS Architecture www. Detects Sweethearting with Software by Rhianna Daniels. Hannaford Bros. Consumers and grocers can determine if modified atmosphere packaged MAP meat and poultry are fresh or spoiled with the SensorQ label.

Governor Deval Patrick told the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce he would seek legislation to enable the self-insured and small business to get group rates. Deval Patrick told the Neponset Valley Chamber of Commerce he will not propose statewide tax increases until all other options are exhausted. Higgins If all goes well in a controlled rollout with Superior Farms, the SensorQ label will be available commercially by spring.

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