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Intermediate Couponing

Google Shopping Campaigns are a favorite of e-commerce advertisers—they give online retailers the opportunity to present a product image along with relevant purchasing information, like price, directly on the Google results pages. At this point, many advertisers have been jaded by great performance in their shopping campaigns.

Most saw huge spikes in sales upon implementing their feeds, but chances are, your results have flat-lined over time. Merchant Promotions give online retailers the opportunity to append special offers to their Shopping Ads. These deals help retailers to:. As you can see from the example below, Saks Fifth Avenue has beaten their competitors to the punch. Their promotion is eye-catching, and although the free shipping offer is simple and something many of their competitors likely offer putting it out there on the SERP gives them a leg up.

Even before clicking on the special offer link, searchers are drawn to these ads because they stand out in comparison to ads missing this line of text. The actual offer can be as simple as free shipping, or can reflect a more complex deal outlined on your site, and the expiration date creates a sense of urgency for the shopper. Did I mention that they are remarkably easy to set up AND there are no extra fees associated with them? Come on guys, this is a total win-win. Advertisers may be hesitant to implement Merchant Promotions because they are reminiscent of offer extensions , a short-lived search ad extension variation.

This feature proved to be unsuccessful and was sunsetted within a year of its launch. However, retailers should not be deterred by this. On the flipside, Merchant Promotions are catered specifically to online shoppers , making them significantly more appealing to searchers.

In fact, the New York Times published an interesting story last year outlining the remarkable decline that J. Penney experienced when their marketing team made the transition from offering coupons and deals to solely touting their great low prices. The negative impact was so severe that the board ousted the chief executive who was responsible for the shift.

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As soon as they reinstituted coupons and deals, their performance bounced back. Take it from J. Penney—people love getting deals, even if it is just an illusion!

Our in-house strategists have recently implemented this feature in a number of client accounts and the results have been promising. To demonstrate this, I asked one of our most senior strategists, Randi Lucius, to show us how Merchant Promotions made a profound impact on one of her accounts.

What Would You Have Done? My Coupon Code Confession

One of my clients has had an issue selling their products directly rather than selling them through a third-party site. I went ahead and created my own makeshift course hosting platform while also creating the course itself at the same time, and in the end everything went pretty well. Things got released and backers were happy.

I wanted to try Udemy as a platform this time around because the last thing I wanted to do was build another platform to distribute the content and I heard a lot of great things about Udemy from people who have taken courses on it. Before I announced the course was going to be hosted on Udemy, I even had a few backers ask me if it would be on Udemy and they were really happy that in the end I already had plans to host it there. I have to admit I was impressed.

But, everything else was pretty good. The table of contents was easy to navigate, the videos played well at the default size and it was easy to see external resources that you could download for a lecture — you could even see discussions on a specific lecture. It was really disgusting sounding because it was so loud and with headphones on, it sounded like some guy was hunched over your shoulder just moving spit around his mouth directly into your ear while breathing heavy.

In fact, I fast forwarded the course at 2x speed the whole way through because the instructor took 10 minutes to explain concepts that should have been explained in 2 minutes. The HTML it generates was entirely broken, but it previewed fine, however as soon as you publish the lecture, the formatting was totally broken. So you have to close out the annoying create coupon modal form that takes 3 seconds to load and start over if you fat fingered an amount.

Thanks for that Udemy. Coupon Codes (50% discount) - June promo codes for Causewereguys

Oh, but it gets worse trust me. You can only create fixed amount coupons, not percent off. Well, just go and delete the old coupons right? The old BLOG20 code is going to stay forever and you need to pick another name. Imagine that this entire list is about 15 pages of scrolling down on a p monitor.

Less than 24 Hours on Udemy as an Instructor and I Am Close to Leaving

Well, the button to create a new lecture is all the way on the bottom. So the first thing you need to do is scroll down for 10 years until you reach it, then you click the button and name the lecture. Now you need to click and drag that lecture slowly up to where you want. Typically video lectures have 2 lectures total, so you need to do this twice. I would really like to see more analytics about purchase breakdowns.

Use of the The Loyalist Technology

I think it would take me over a day to assemble my course from scratch due to all of the UI issues of their platform. So if a disgruntled student manages to social engineer your password from you or you lose your laptop then you could potentially be in a world of hurt. I would like to see a 1 click solution that allows me to back up my course to a single zip file and then have the option to import it. This way if something terrible happens, I can recover in however long it takes me to upload a few gigs of video.

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It looks like a mixture of Angular and jQuery. This is on a quad core i5 3. Most of the other back-end pages are pretty poor too, a lot of pages take seconds to load with dozens and dozens of requests with megabytes of assets. It makes using the overall platform feel really poor. They will brand every single video you upload with their logo in the bottom right with no way out opt-out of this.

The bottom right is the most ideal place for placing a watermark. This is extremely misleading because they are branding your videos, but they have absolutely nothing to do with creating the content.

Cooperate with Groupon-like services and your affiliates

The content is yours, not theirs. As of November 18th there is no mention of this in their terms of service, so they are doing this without your consent. I can deal with all of the above but this part kills me inside. I signed up with Udemy to reach millions of students.

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Cause were guys coupon code

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