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Sometimes it has advertisements for upcoming Catalina deals and such, sometimes it spits out extra coupons! Always check! You can get lots of freebies! I will make sure to give you a heads up when this subscription is offered at a great price! Check my Magazines category for the latest deal on this mag. The great thing about these is that these are store coupons that can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon, which makes for some great deals! I try to email about companies each month to compliment them on a quality product. In response they mail me coupons!

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It only takes a few minutes of your time and the majority will respond with coupons. These coupons are usually higher value than ones you find anywhere else. To avoid bombarding your inbox with junk mail, I would definately open a separate email account through yahoo or hotmail just for this purpose. It is very convenient…never forget your coupons again! Sometimes these coupons are stackable with a paper coupon. It depends on your store, which site you loaded it from — and sometimes it just depends on the weather! It is so inconsistent that I always consider it a bonus when a digital coupon comes off in addition to a paper coupon.

Organize those coupons! The number one reason why so many coupons go unused is because many with good intentions clip them, only to forget they have them when it comes time to purchase the item. Some people like to clip every coupon and file it right away, some people like to keep their coupon inserts in tact, file them by date and clip them before they go to the store. For starters, get yourself a small accordian style coupon organizer usually only a couple dollars at Walmart. It is basically a zip-up case with a 3-ring binder inside. Baseball card inserts house all of my coupons.

As you can see, I need more inserts to accomodate. Some people like to add divider pages with each section labeled. I never got around to that, and I do just fine.

2. Subscribe to or buy more than one copy of the newspaper to get multiples of each coupon.

I organize the pages by aisle at Kroger the store I use most of my coupons. So, for example, my first page has all of my coupons for produce, bread, organic foods, peanut butter and jellies, and snack cakes all found in the first aisle at my Kroger. The next page s have coupons according to the remainder of the aisles at Kroger.

Then finally miscellaneous stuff restaurant coupons, etc.

🔥Sunday Coupon Inserts! P&G, SmartSource & RetailMeNot (8/26/18)

I also have several store-specific envelopes that I fill with the coupons I am going to use on that day. This is what works for me!

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You can arrange your coupons alphabetically, by category, or keep your coupons unclipped and file by date of the coupon insert. Coupons have varying terms which state what items qualify for the discount, what size s you need to purchase, and the date the coupon expires. Download the free Hip2Save App compatible with iPhone, Android, and Kindle devices — the app provides instant access to Store Guides, Coupon policies and the weekly match-ups!

Decide on a grocery budget and bring cash — not a credit card or check — and a calculator to the store. With cash only, there is no temptation to put extra items into the cart. Plan to purchase only what is on your list unless you find a freebie.

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Keep in mind that sometimes a smaller quantity item is a better deal. With a coupon, for example, you might be able to get a travel-sized item for free. With several coupons, you can stock up for free or super cheap — just go for the smaller size package. Plan to look for unadvertised sales and clearance items. If you have a coupon for an already heavily discounted item, the cost can be free or very little.

Take baby steps, be positive, and remember: Every coupon you use is money you save! Online Bargains. It's not your Grandma's coupon site!

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smartsource coupon mailer Smartsource coupon mailer
smartsource coupon mailer Smartsource coupon mailer
smartsource coupon mailer Smartsource coupon mailer
smartsource coupon mailer Smartsource coupon mailer
smartsource coupon mailer Smartsource coupon mailer
smartsource coupon mailer Smartsource coupon mailer

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