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For example,. Now we get an error! This does not correspond to seconds elapsed in the recording. So we need to reconstruct the time array. The same fix can be applied to the other files. We need to set. And we can strip out the existing code for assigning these variables. For each file, our data directory now contains. Many BrainTrak scripts load data via bt. To add support for our data set, we need to add an appropriate statement to the if block.

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For example, we could have. We also need to select a default electrode. This data set has channels with names like E Searching for 'egi electrode coordinates' leads to this information page that points to a PDF file that maps EGI electrodes to the standard names in the system. If we decided that E is the electrode we wanted, we can add.

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  • Summary of EPOS requirements for cataloguing.

The proper choice of electrode is something that should be discussed with the collaborator providing the data. Skip to content. Origin of data: Instruments in the water reservoir.

As data formats for the data gathered in the water reservoir we will use basically text-based formats like CSV. Target groups: The data can be interesting for other research teams that make similar analysis at other water reservoirs. Scientific Impact: The data can potentially underpin scientific publications. Approach to sharing: The embargo period is usually two years as the data is exploited by an SME.

The datasets released are those who are connected to scientific publications or referenced in public management reports. The repository is located at the IFCA data centre and freely accessible via web [R5], but registration is needed. Copies are kept in WORM tapes, and in a separate server km away of the company. Main repository uses RAID technology and has not lost any data in the last 10 years. The data are automatically synchronised across the servers.

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Types of data: Development of value-added products e. A mixture of standards are adopted depending on type. For long-term preservation, the format hdf5 will be used.

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  5. Radius Data Exchange – University of Reading!
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  8. Target groups: Mainly space and environmental researchers. Approach to sharing: Current value-added products are open to all from day zero, but low-level data is not.

    Climate change

    Discussions on the new products are still on going. Data are stored on a few e-Infrastructures, mirrored and synchronised. There are two levels of storage: a large short-term, and a reduced long-term.


    Types of data: Seismological waveforms. These are only limited by specific authorisation policies and mechanisms which are not yet fully hadled in the curren system. Therefore size of pre-staged raw data and processed synthetics depends from usage. FDSN standards for disseminating data.

    Target groups: Mainly environmental researchers. Scientific Impact: This research data can underpin scientific publications and development of pan european computational earth science e-Infrastructure Approach to sharing: Produced data can be shared according to users' requirements.

    Default setting consider all data like 'private'. Metadata, provenance and lineage are currently publicly available. Synthetic and pre-staged raw data are handled and stored within a local federation and data management system, which preserves lineage and provenance information. Original raw data is stored across the nodes of the FDSN service providers. Types of data: There are two main types of data: Observation data from tidal gauge, weather stations, rainfall, radar data, satellite data and images, bathymetry, historical records of earthquake and tsunami, etc. Waveform at any target site, potential source of a historical tsunami event, changes of rainfall, wind field and path of typhoon or any special weather event, dispersion path of aerosol or volcano ashes, are the primary simulation results.

    Origin of data: Government agency of weather, earthquake, tsunami, and volcano; or research institutes that own the data needed by the CC. Variation is possible due to the resolution of the generated output.

    data & analysis services

    For weather and climate data, the centre will also comply with the Climate and Forecast convention CF e. Target groups: The data can potentially underpin scientific publications. Scientists of tsunami, earthquake, volcano, weather, and climate changes; scientists, policy makers of disaster mitigation strategy and studies.

    Scientific Impact: The data can support new discoveries such as the sources and characteristics of potential tsunami sources or new ways of hazards simulation and analysis. The data can also support new modelling schemes and the change processes of climate and disaster events.

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